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RIP Hunter S. Thompson

In honor the late, great Mr. Thompson, I'd like to suggest an impromptu discussion of his works. Just what you thought of his writings (any of 'em) and maybe even the man behind the words.

Personally, I thought he was brilliant. Every once in a while, this melting pot we all live in needs a good stirring and Thompson was one of the guys to do it. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas has become a kind of new classic, one of those books that begins to define a generation. I haven't read much of his other stuff (I've started a couple other books and read a few articles), but I really got the sense that as much as all of this disgusted him, he really did love this country. He wanted to see it live up to its greatness. I really can only hope that anything I manage to write will be half as touching and poignant as his. This is definitely a great loss to the literary world.