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repo men (2010)

There are things that are great ideas on paper. These are generally called 'books', but no one reads anymore. Having said that, now many things which might only have been average novels are movies. Formulated movies which feature people like Jude Law not really being as profound as the protagonist of a novel really should be. He is neither profoundly thoughtful, nor is he profoundly anything, if you want to be honest. He is, obviously, since this is your average pablum-fest, the best at what he does. What main character isn't?

Oh, and it does not stop there, oh my droogies. It wouldn't be the American movie experience if it stopped there. Jude Law's lack of profound anything is matched only by the clichéd supporting cast. From the money hungry corporate head, to the dope-fiend musician, and most everything in between. If you actually find yourself liking any of these people, it is likely because they are from any other conspiracy movie; any other science fiction flick, for that matter.

Instead of watching this mess, read a book.