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Red Dead Redemption


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i went and bought GTA's liberty city stories today. i actually almost bought an xbox solely so i could play the Lost & Damned episode, luckily i didn't. while i was there i was talking to the clerk for about half hour about this game. came home juiced up and frothed at the mouth watching videos.

from rockstar games. this game is going to be ridiculously good. check out this trailer. i can't wait for this. i love cowboy-outlaw-badass shit, so i am wetting myself after watching this video.

i'm even more excited, and glad that this is coming out because i was pumped about Call of Juarez, and it was a complete let down. anyone else hanging for this one?

anyway, check this out:

and for those of you that got just as juicy as me from the first video, here's part two: