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Receipt Checking- a.k.a.- Racial, gender, and age profiling

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I'm not usually one to go on about things like this, but it's really started to annoy me lately, so I thought I'd see what others think about it as well.
What do you think about those receipt checks they do at stores like Wal Mart and Best Buy? Are random receipt checks necessary, or just a waste of everyone's time? Does it make a difference if I leave on my own and rarely get checked, but never fail to get checked when I'm with my mixed race fiance?
Basically, my annoyance is this- if all the security in the store fails to prevent someone from stealing, then what's one person who is checking receipts going to do about the people who walk out with (seemingly) nothing? While I'm standing here having my receipt (and possibly my bags) "checked," someone else could be leaving with stolen merchandise. Isn't the point in all the security cameras and security tags and security alarms to give the store security against theft? When I walk out with $300 worth of purchases, whether they are all in bags or not, I expect it to be obvious that I have purchased those items or I wouldn't be trying to leave the store. I could just not shop there, sure, but I could also go broke elsewhere.
This "trend" started around Christmastime only a few years ago, and slowly turned into a year-round thing. I understand if the security alarm goes off and they want to make sure I'm not stealing anything or that all tags were removed, but when the employee is obviously not checking every purchase against what you have in your bags, it's really just pointless. It truly seems as though Wal Mart (in this instance) is trying to find a place for those people they didn't really want to hire in the first place, but had to hire anyway.
I noticed this happening to me only when I went with my fiance, and I have to say, it seems a bit racist. Maybe it's just a coincidence. Or maybe it's just bullshit.