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The Reaper Thread *SPOILERS*

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it had to come sooner or later, didn't it?

there's a bunch of people that have read this, are reading this, or are awaiting its arrival. i just completed it, a couple of hours ago, on my way home from Uni. i spent a good portion of my lecture reading the last 50 pages.

this is here for everyone to discuss the shit out of. ask questions. over-analyse.

this isn't a positive only thread, so haters are welcome, too.

me? i enjoyed it. i don't think it was genius or anything. the voice was strong and witty it was certainly fun as hell. it was fast paced and action-filled. the opening scene was great and i found i was about 100 pages in before i even noticed.

- one thing i'm wondering about is: the whole thing about the guy getting bitten, allegedly, by a bat. it's left open. and i am maybe being clueless about this and not getting the point, or possibly there is no point, but i can't help but speculate. is there something there?

i mean, when i first read the anonymous phone call bit i immediately conjored up the image of the very first scene where Pietro observes the pigeon and the rat fighting. i think this is because i have it in my head that New Yorkers call pigeons rats of the sky, or something like that. maybe i'm completly off here. but is it meant to be an intentional image of two rats, different types, but essentially the same, fighting?

and therefore the guy calling to say it was a flying rodent that bit him has something to do with something else that i can;t completly tie together.

am i way off with this thought?

come on Mirka and Berto, the cultist reaper experts, get in here and tell me i'm a fool.