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real life fight clubs

atheisticcharlie's picture atheisticcharlie
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would you attend a fight club? what if the members of the club were space monkeys [I]before[/I] project mayhem?

would any of you, as fans of FC, allow someone to punch you? not the gut nor the arm but the face? let three or four knuckles crush into your teeth? is pain really gain? is the world chuck creates in FC more ideal than real for physical destruction? personally, i'd love to get hit in the face... but i'm not sure i'd set a date and time... for every force there must be a counterforce... and vice versa, so for me to set a date and time, someone would need to want to punch me really bad... has my question been clearly asked?

i ask because my idiot friends finally got the idea and... i can't believe they've turned into such idiots!

i could easily drain you and ramble about my arrogant, endless, misinformed and conflicting thoughts about trend-setting, organization (anarchy), fear, destruction, nihilism and all it's components... but i much rather hear [i]your[/i] story. hmm, someone really needs to hit me... as hard as they can.