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Read my blog and help me make money! I'm poor!

I hope this is the appropriate forum for this and I'm using this section correctly? Here it goes...

I found out about a feature on that lets you get paid every time someone views your blog! You get even more cash when said viewer clicks on an ad!

My blog is at

I am an aspiring writer and would like to think that I can make my monotonous existence interesting via the written word. I promise to keep up with it and give it my all as far as not being scared about how far I go existentially.

Also I will be posting poems and short stories (Or the links to the short stories) on there that will be exclusive! Well, unless you are part of the Writer's Workshop.
Which by the way is an amazing feature of this site and totally worth the money it costs!

I can't say enough good things about it either. I was f***ing amazed at how just flat out good the people here are at spinning yarns! If anything join to read the amazing content!

But yeah... Even if you don't want to read my neurotic ramblings at least go there and click on something. :-)

Thanks everyone!