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READ this if you are attending tomorrow's STRAND event

Alas my friends, the news is here. I just got off the phone with STRAND's PR director (a fabulous woman, though not always under the direction of fabulous people) and here is what she had to say regarding the confusion about books and tomorrow's event with Chuck.

[B][I]"There seems to have been some miscommunication between STRAND and the fansite. Ticket holders were sent an email regarding tomorrow's procedures and the email states that Chuck will sign up to four titles -- purchased at Strand. The fansite left this part off.

We’re going to ask fans to check their bags, as we always do with people coming for events. And, Strand Policy is that no one can bring non-Strand books into the store. I don’t want riots…but we are still a store, hoping to sell stock and Chuck understands that, though I’m sure he’d sign anything a fan handed him.

Hope this helps…anything you can do to help prevent seriously angry people tomorrow would be incredibly appreciated.

THANK YOU! "[/I][/B]

So there you have it. I have a few ideas and suggestions of my own for decreasing any hassles tomorrow, so if you'd like, send me a private message and we can dialogue about it there. Stay tuned.