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Rap Industry Fan Fiction

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So I found this site today.....

Gucci Mane adjusted his glasses. He was tired. He'd
spent the majority of the night reading some of
Beckett's lesser works, and the banality of the tome
was setting in.
From the other room, he heard OJ da Juiceman say,
"Hey, what if his name was Kanye VEST??" He could
hear the rest of Brick Squad howling with laughter.
Gucci Mane had to admit that it was a funny joke.
Funnier than stupid ass Samuel Beckett. He wanted to
hear more jokes like that. He set his book down and
went into the other room to see what all the fuss was
"I heard your joke about Kanye Vest." Gucci said to
the Squad.
"Sorry," OJ da Juiceman said.
Gucci chuckled. "No. It was funny. Did you make that
joke up??"
"He told us he heard it on the Internet," Waka
Flocka Flame said, his dreadlocks shaking from fear.
"The Internet. Does it have more funny jokes??"
Gucci Mane said.
"I think there are a few more," said Wooh da Kid.
"I want an internet," said Gucci.
OJ da Juiceman pointed to a laptop sitting on the
Gucci did not understand. OJ da Juiceman used
YouTube to pull up a video of a cat playing with an
"Oh," Gucci said. "I think I get it." He then spent
three hours looking at videos of cats.