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rant timeline: spoilers, yes

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First off, it needs to be noted that, as it says in the book, time is a circle, a loop, so its hard to begin anywhere really, but alas, heres my attempt:

[the numbers in the brackets next to the names are the characters ages at the various times in the story]

“Rant” casey is born

“Rant” grows up and moves to the city and later changes his name to ”Charles casey” [age 18]

“charles” crashes his car into echo’s family’s car killing echo’s parents and sending himself back in time [echo 8, “charles” 23]

“charles” goes back in time to middleton, where he grew up and did all the things we read about in the book, except now he’s way in the past, back to when his great grandmother hattie is alive

“charles” impregnates his great grandmother and his grandma, esther, is born [hattie 13, “charles” 23]

his grandma esther turns 13, “charles” finds her and impregnates her, she gives birth to his mother, Irene [esther 13, “charles” 36 (23+13=36)]

Irene turns 13, “charles” shows up and impregnates her [Irene 13, “charles” 49 (36+13=49)]

Just after intercourse, “rant” comes to irenes aid but he’s too late, this form of “rant” decides to stay and raise the baby with irene: he changes his name to “chester” and hopes to prevent this event the next time it is supposed to happen (time = a circle, remember) [so we have irene, 13, “charles” who impregnated Irene is 49, and the ”rant” that comes to her aid and changes his name to “chester” is about 23 – they only say in the novel that he showed up and he was “a bit older than Irene” something along those lines and 23 is the same age that “charles” came back]

“charles” [49] goes back to the city, changes his name to “green taylor simms” and creates party crashing while Irene [13] and “chester” [23] raise “rant”

So now, in middleton, “rant” casey is growing up, collecting teeth, exposing children to live cow organs and contracting rabies

--the man who said he was “rant’s” real dad was “charles/green” [a bit older than 49], he also killed all his relatives in an attempt to make himself immortal--

“Rant” grows up and moves to the city (remember, his dad, “chester”, tells him there are no secrets: this is because he already did everything as “rant”) [“rant” 18, “chester” 37]

“rant” accidentally gets into a car with echo, shot and “green” [“rant” 18, echo 21, shot 21, “green” 67 49+18=67]

“rant” does everything that we read in the book and eventually drives off a ramp, into the water [“rant” 23]

“rant” goes back in time, wakes up in the hospital (just as “green” had done) and goes back to middleton but “rant” doesn’t go as far back as “green” had gone because the older relatives are dead, so “rant” shows up when his mother is 13 and is about to be raped by “green” but, like I said before, he’s too late: so he decides to stay with Irene, he changes his name to “chester” and helps raise another “rant” [Irene 13, “rant” 23, “green “ 49]

So with the older relatives being dead, “rant” will always come back to this point and arrive just after “green” has left Irene and he will always become “chester” and then another “rant” will always be born, move to the city and then try and come back and save his mom, Irene – “chester” will always know what “rant” is going to do because “chester” always was “rant” and “rant” will always become “chester”

and then the circle continues

and I do think “green” is the same as “charles.” “charles” is the one who started the time travel and therefore started the “loop” that “rant” and “chester” and Irene get caught up in, he himself is free of that “loop” because he is the creator or “historian” and there will never be another “charles” – “charles” becomes “green” and stays “green”: “rant”, “chester” and “charles/green” are the same person, just split by time

also, the easter eggs:

echo’s egg says: “I will come back to life in three days”: this is “rant” telling echo that “chester” was coming to town

shot’s egg says: “green taylor simms”: this proves that “rant” knew what was to happen

“green’s” egg says: “fuck you”: further proof that “rant” knew what “green” was planning

how did “rant” know what “green” was up to? maybe he read the same “field notes” that we are reading the book.

I think that’s a pretty good run-down of events within this mind numbing novel by mr palahniuk

**AND, as for the echo age question: is it ever stated clearly that the lawrence car hit "charles'" car? they could have been seperate accidents - remember all those traffic engineers kept disappearing so "charles" could have been one of them and had an accident completely seperate from the lawrence accident ** also, the fact that echo lawrence is not mentioned in the "contributors" section has to mean something**

so there it is, if anyone has anything to add or revise, please do