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this is a rant

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so i'm living in a house with 4 friends of mine, 2 of which lives upstairs with me. now, person A, who lives beside the washroom on the upper floor caught the cold and gradually spread it to me.

now, been inflicted with a cold since sunday, i've used up 2 boxes of kleenex, and now half a roll of toilet paper (it is acutally a double roll, so techniqually i've used up a full roll).

it's funny because whenever i see her sneeze and cough without covering her mouth, i thought, my immune system is good, i dont have to worry

well i'm sick

i couldnt do work for 2 days beacuse it was just really really bad of me to do so, since i was sneezing (and now my illness has graduated to coughing non stop) every two minutes

now, i have a test that i have to write tomorrow night at 7. beacuse of the film fest, i missed 2 classes and given that they are night classes, i missed a lot. i havent touched it at all because i was sick. and now i'm thinking i have all day tomorrow from 9:30 to study.

but i have a jpn film paper due tomorrow at 8:30. now its not like i am just starting this right this moment. for those who know me, i have been bugging all of you to help me on it. the problem is that i know so much about the film and have so much respect for it, i cannot right it. everything blended into one.

i spent the whole afternoon writing and rewriting the outline and i'm hopelessly blocked...

again..this is a rant
feel free to attack my lack of puntuation, spelling, whining, etc etc...or send me chocolates and boxes of kleenex

oh...why couldnt this stop?
i need to study dammit

the sad thing is that i actually want to do well this year. i have a neuroscience test on monday as well...a physics test on tues

oh help me

my nose hurts so much, whenever i touch it, i litearlly scream in pain.