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Race, Multiculturalism and You

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There has been a bit of talk in the immigration protest thread about race and it's effect on peoples views on illegal immigration.

I am a racist.

I beleive that my race is great and I love it. I want to celebrate and preserve my heritage. I am 1/2 Irish, 1/8 German, 1/8 english, 1/4 Aleut (alaskan natives who have been in the Aleutian Island for 5000 years). So.. a semi white mutt. I call myself a White man.

I want you to love your race as well. Proud Black women are fucking cool. I want the races and cultures of the world to remain seperate and individual.

I want to go to the Mexican neighborhood for ceviche and quesadillas, NOT Taco fuckin' Bell.
I want to go the Chinese neighbohood for Dim Sum and laundry. ( Sorry couldn't resist)

I want the different races in America to live side by side in harmony.

I HATE the homogenization of this nation. I do NOt want everyone to look the same and shop the same and act the same.

Multicultural means many cultures, not many merged cultures.

Spike mentioned the Turner Diaries in the Immigration Protest thread. This is a hateful book written by Dr. William Pierce, founder of the National Alliance, [url][/url], a White Power organization with chapters in most Major American cities. A huge organization. They are some hate spewin' motherfuckers. But...they have some good info on race mixing and the effects on America and [I]great[/I] info on who controls the American media.

Now, I don't agree with with these people because they are way the fuck over the top and I am much more of a realist than that. My hate White power group of choice is Tom Metzger and the White Aryan Resistance. [url][/url]. Tom is a White seperatist. He's over the top of course, but he also has some good points and he speaks out for what he believes. I like people that speak up for what they believe. Wrong or right. I appreiciate people putting themself out there.

So, do you love your race? Do you agree that America is is losing is racial diversity? Do you think this is a bad thing? When the White man is a minority in America will it be okay to create the NAAWP?(National Association for the Advancement of White People)

Will the "Brown" folk be benevolent to the "White" folk?

EDIT: Here's alink to the Racial Slur Database...[url][/url]