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R There any Christians who love this story?

Yes, I'm a Christian. Not entirely orthodox, definitely not fundie. More of a recovering evangelical, postmodern, emerging Church person. Blah, blah, blah. Words. So laborious!

There is plenty here to love for us. I talk to Christian people nearly every day on the web who love it. One doesn't have to give up Faith to appreciate the Truth here.

I want to know if I'm all alone out here, or if there are others. I don't need to collect alot of crap about being a person of faith. Unless you want to talk TO me about it and not past me. Then, that would be fine. And I don't mean to exclude people from other faiths who like it, but other faiths seem to have already been incorported. It's usually the Christian faith that gets bashed or left out. If you're a Buddhist or a Jewish person, start a string. I'll read those too.

If stuff like this can't be integrated into Real Life, then we've learned nothing from the story.

Check in, folks.