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Question: Film, Novel, or Both?

How should someone digest the message of Fight Club?
Watching the Film? Reading the Novel? Or Both? If so, in what order?

I really need to know the answer. I need to know because I want the message to get through to a guy friend of mine. I've gotten myself into the situation where I've enabled him to just remain as a fearful kid. I pretty much hold his hand... I want to change that and I feel that Fight Club can do it if presented the right way. It's my last ditch effort as a friend to help him out before I decide to cut myself off from him.

He has PTSD. I've helped him as much as I can but there isn't more that I can do for him. It's time that he takes the final steps on his own towards his recovery.
(His PTSD was brought on by the mental/emotional abuse from his two most trusted friends over a span of 3 months. It reduced him to an awkward man child for the past 3 years. And because of that he missed growing up the one coming of age stage when you transition from high school to college and starting to be/become a man. And it's time that he can stand on his own and not think he can only rely on me...)

He's ... "a guy who does not have a world of possibilities in front of him, he has no possibilities, he literally cannot imagine a way to change his life"

He needs to realize that he can very fucking well make his own destiny regardless of all the perceived fixed barriers.(That's what I mean by message from the film.)