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Question about the logic

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Ok, I know that we're talking about time travel and sci-fi, but I still think that when someone writes sci-fi, it should be logical within it's own explanations.
This said, I have a question about the book's logic and wondered if it was ever explained and I just happened to miss it.

So basically Rant/Simms/Chet (what ever you want to call him) goes back to have sex with his great-grandma to produce his grandma, then screws her to make his mom, and then screws her to make himself.
This makes him his own great-grandfather, grandfather, and dad.

However, at one point he must have had a different great-grandfather, grandfather, and dad other than himself otherwise he would have never initially been born. It being completely impossible to be your original great-grandfather, grandfather, and father because in order to even screw your ancestors to make any offspring you need to be born first.

So what happened to these men and how did Rant take their place?

I see how he could have gone back to screw his great-grandmother, but logically it would never produce his grandma, it would produce someone completely different. the same goes with screwing his grandma and mom.
I never found an explanation as to how this can happen.

You can argue that he always was his own great-grandpa, grandpa, and dad which would explain why screwing his great-grandma would make his grandma and so on, but it leads back to my question of how he was initially born to begin with.

So how in the world did Rant became his own great-grandpa, grandpa, and dad? is this somewhere explained in one simple sentence that i missed, or is it just one big hole in the logic?