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Purge Your Soul for the New Year

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Ok, I’m having some fun.

It’s time to come clean. Get your reading haunts off your shoulder.

Did you read something this year that left you feeling angry and sick for putting the time into it? What did you continue to read even though it was evident that the book was bullshit? Perhaps the characters were one-dimensional, the plot illogical, or just a plain case of bad writing. You don’t have to of read the entire thing, just stayed with it long enough to give it “the benefit of the doubt.”

Ok, me first.

I began reading it and my retinas started detaching. Then I thought, “There has to be something to it. People are obsessed with it.” I listened to the audio book while driving to work. I actually got through most of the tapes, but it was so detrimental to my ears, I think I lost forty percent of my hearing.

The book is the [I]The Da Vinci Code.[/I]

I don’t get it, how is this book such a huge hit? I’ve read [I]holy blood holy grail,[/I] so the information Brown was giving was not that surprising to me. If you take away the conspiracy of the Holy Grail you’re left with absolute awful writing. It gives me dry heaves to think about it.

The characters were stereotypical and paper-thin. The narration started to put me to sleep at the wheel. The dialogue is absolute bullshit and cliché. The plot feels forced and manipulated. Should I go on?

I’m actually starting to feel bad for attacking it, but the book is making millions, and I can’t get it through my head, “why?” Especially when I’ve read stories in the workshops that are well crafted, and in my opinion deserve publication. Yet books like the Code are getting published, it makes me sad. (Again, I'm too much of an idealist, don't know why, been kicked plenty.)

Is it because this is the only book people will take the time to read regarding the Grail conspiracy?

Oh well. Jay warned me, but I didn’t listen; now I’m left with this dirty feeling.
Anyhow that’s my confession and cleansing for the New Year. Anyone else want to come clean?