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I know it's kind of wierd, and it's not exactly something I really want to admit, but I think one reason I love the movie so much is because I watch the awkwardness between adam sandler and emily watson, and I totally relate. When I watched the film the first time, I was taken back by the beauty of the camera work, and the music, and the jeremy blake artwork, and the basic tone of the film. But now, the more I watch it, the more I realize that the reason I like it so much is because I connect to sandler's character. I watch it now and I think to myself... "That's me. I'm like that. I would do that. That's how I would react in that situation. Hey, there's some awkward pauses. I don't know what to say in most situations. That's just like me." And on and on and on...
I just want to know everyone elses thoughts on the film, and if there were any other people as crazily socially awkward as me.