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Publishing Indie

What's up,

I used to post here a long time ago. Thing is I'm an educational game developer, been working on how to combine explicit and tacit knowledge for educational software, usually undergraduate level. I've wrote two short books on how to design educational programs for implicit and declarative memory, how these are linked to different job requirements in todays volatile business world, put in some complexity science in it, etc.

I've published areticles for different blogs and the content has been a great success, so there's potential for it.

You might remember that I'm not an American and my grammar isn't perfect. Do you know of anyone I could contact to get my manuscripts edited and grammar checked to look like something professional?

I don't want to go to a big publishing mainly because I can market the book on my own, and it's going to take months for it to release, they'll charge way too much for it and cut me off from most of the profits. Doesn't sound like a fun deal to me! I'd like to keep the books has cheap as posible.

Any help would be much appreciated.