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public toilets?


hmm there is actually a film by fruit chan called public toilet about public toilet...

but yeah...since i am still in taiwan...and am bored..and jet lagged
is it just me or do other people have a thang against public toilets? i try to avoid them at all cost, and rather "hold it in" than to use some "unsafe" toilet .... it really depends on the location. if it's a coffeeshop that i frequently go's okay..but really..a foreign restaurant in chinatown freaks me out

also in taiwan..there are 2 types..
the sitting ones and the squatting me...the squating type is scary as hell...
and to think i used to have to clean it in elementary school...just a hollowed out space with metal walls placed in between to serve as stalls...very very scary....i would be more descriptive but my sister is getting on my nerves by telliung me to stop and shut it