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Psychoanalysis help - for my novel - character back story

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Hey guys,

Wondering if you can help me. I'm working on my current novel, and I'm going back to some childhood stories of seven people. I'm looking for some reasons for why they turned out the way they are NOW. Here is what I'm thinking, but I'm kind of stuck, so any ideas as far as your opinion on what situation would elicit a certain behavior, speak up. Or, if maybe YOU have similar traits, and can relate some things that happened when you were young that shaped YOU as a person. Whatever you've got, I'll take it.

By the way, all of these people HAVE killed later in life, most likely because of their past, their childhood traumas and abuses.

1. Jacob - has become a very trusting person, to a fault. Constantly gets burned. What would make you naive, and over trusting? I'm thinking he has some mommy issues.

2. Marcy - is a very sexual person, borderline nymphomaniac. It is a weakness, and she feels shame at her lack of control. It is not a healthy, adventurous sex life, but one that puts her in dangerous situations, and at risk. I'm thinking absent, sexual mother and drunk, abusive (beating, and touching) father.

3. Jimmy - has become a champion of lost causes, to a fault. Is constantly trying to help others, even if it means putting himself at great risk. I'm thinking something about not doing the right thing when he was a kid. Now trying to right some wrongs.

4. X - evolved with mental powers. Is a uniter, who is trying to save the world. At the same time, he is power hungry and egocentric. He is also a physical beast, very strong, very large now. I'm thinking he was ignored and abused by friends and family for being an intellectual freak, super smart, no social skills, or physical prowess.

5. Gordon - has become an assassin, very cold, organized, and kills at the drop of a hat. Shows no remorse or hesitation. This particular guy, I'm thinking a Batman complex. Saw his parents hurt/killed when he was young, couldn't stop it, and has since become a vigilante, set on erasing the planet of those who corrupt the young, and manipulate the weak. Sort of a Dexter kind of hired gun.

6. Assigned - ancient spirit, manifested in a computer. (Don't ask). Again, this entity has gone power mad, and thinks IT has the answers. Very smart, the rival of X, he is working a chess game for our survival. We are pawns, toys, a game he enjoys. This is a little different, in that I'm trying to figure out where he manifested, how he came to be. I'm thinking some kind of horrible tragedy and loss, maybe Auschwitz, Rwanda or Darfur.

7. Roland - son of Marcy, has become bitter and lost. Bit of an emo kid now, his youth was messed up by the aforementioned Marcy's sexual escapades, and general free wheeling life, which left him abandoned more then anything else.

THANKS in advance for any thoughts you may have.