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Project Mayhem Advocates


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Hello all you fellow Mayhem Advocates. First of all, being as how this is my first post on this site, i would like to thank Chuck for giving me the gift of enlightenment. so THANK YOU CHUCK!!!!!!!

second, in an attempt of sharing the gift of enlightenment, I am very interested in re-enstating project mayhem.
As an anarchist I am always looking for various ways of putting an end to this condo-loving society. I may sound like a broken record of all the other people who say they want to give their worldly possessions and their lives to an ideal of which they do not understand.

But I have been constructing a list of goals over the years and devoting my life to acheiving them. And I, just as Mr. Durden did, need somewhat of an "army". By that I simply mean a group of people who share in the beleifs I am so passionately devoted to.

Maybe I am looking in the wrong place. Maybe this is a group of people totally devoted to the skill of the way the book was written, rather than the content. I am the latter.

Not a week goes by that i do not watch the movie 3 times or a month i dont read it once. hitting bottom is goal #1 on my agenda.

I refuse to have a job i hate so i can buy $h1t i dont need. i refuse to beleive that we are condemed to become the all singing all dancing crap of the world.

please email me @ [email][/email] . i will accept cirticisms as well as fellow space monkeys messages. Just as long as i know that i am not alone.

I just want to clarify that i would have eventually through deep thought and meditation realized this anarchistic agenda is paramount, but Fight Club puts it into a universal "language" if you will.