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Praise of Motherhood

So as you all should know by now, Phil's Praise of Motherhood is out and you can all get a copy. That is, if the stock's not over already, as it almost happened twice. For those of you who haven't read it, you can buy it on AMAZON UK or US.

I'm gonna go with a list of questions first, trying not to spoil anything, and you can add some too, if you feel like it. Besides, I'm allowed to give you a bit of extra information related to previous versions, so ask ahead. But first:

1. The classic, did you like it and why?
2. Do you think reading the book feels different because you know the author and (most of you) have been here when his mother died?
3. What was your favourite chapter?
4. There's a bit of controversy in some reviews according to which the book is more about Phil than it is about his mother. Do you agree? Why?