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rofl, just the topic makes me laugh
Me and one of my friends are called "posers" all the time by this group of "Goths"
It's so pathetic they yell "poser", "Ultra poser", and "super poser"
One of the guys has a posers sign with a cross through it on his backpack
people call us goths, we don't ..... we're just "different ... and evil and insane :)
I just wanted to know what you people thought, because we think it's so PATHETIC !!! MWAhahaahhahaaaa
I mean for real, is this REALLY supposed to hurt us or something
So what we do to fuck them up is call ourselves posers, although we know we're not, We will say we are eating our poser food and listening to our poser music
and from all of this I have made my own word - poserlicious
neat eh? lol ..... :rolleyes:
so ...... yes ...... Speak or forever ..... never .....