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You're standing in a large room.

You open your eyes, bright light hits you and you struggle to find focus. Simon says take 3 giant steps forward and you'll reach it. But wait, this giant Jenga puzzle has already been halfway played and the tower swaying back and forth, it reminds you of the pendulum on a not quite right clock.

Scattered around the room lay pieces, like fallen leaves with a purpose, each calls you.

Covering the floor the most pickup sticks you've ever seen. You're dizzy looking around and suddenly sick, your stomach dropping the way it does when those giant roller coasters fall. No beeping, no warning. Drop.

It hits you, to get to each piece you've gotta carefully pickup the sticks and work your way to each piece, then clear a path to the tower and carefully insert it, the way a surgeon slowly slowly moves when he operates under a microscope, under a ticking clock that has so many seconds or you've got a flat line.

Suddenly the lights flicker, you now have to watch your step, attend to the swaying Jenga tower while watching your step and you're not sure how long you've got.

When the tower stops rocking you'll get the key.

There's only so much air in the locked room and for the first time in your life you realize what a gold fish feels like, tied in a plastic bag slowly using the oxygen until...

Popquiz asshole, what do you do.....