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Poetry is for pussies!!

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But if I was a nihilist, I'd probably write a poem like this...

[B]No one ever says, “I wanna be a nihilist when I grow up”.[/B]

[I]Is there any real meaning to the thoughts which fill my head?
I’ve lived my life with no concern, will I care when I am dead?
These questions that I ask myself, while hanging from a thread
Are the foundations of the endless void where my soul long ago fled.

Would I have lived a different life, had I never heard the call?
Would I have lived in bliss ignoring the writing on the wall?
In a life with out purpose or truth, with no meaning at all
Is it really worth the effort of getting up after you fall?

I can hope that when it’s over, my thoughts won’t be in vain
But truth has already spoken and hope drives me insane
I’ve given up on everything, relieved the pressure on my brain
I light another cigarette and step into the rain

When the skills we’ve obtained
Are holes we fill in our vein
Tolerance of pills to the brain
Only to kill the mundane
Dying to complain
That we’re trying to explain
That the thoughts we can’t contain
Are the reasons we’re insane
How can anything remain
When you’ve said goodbye to pain?[/I]

And then I would probably yell something totally cliche like "NOTHING HAPPENS WHEN YOU DIE". But I'm not into Nihilism. To care is a natural human reaction. Not caring involves way too much effort. I'm too lazy to be a nihilist. Beat that, Lazy Maury Povich kids!!

Why am I standing in the rain?

My cigarette went out.