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Poetry is dumb.


I used to hate poetry. Then I figured out that there's really two kind of poetry. Universal Poetry, where it's about external ideas and how someone sees them and dances around them with language, then there's Personal Poetry, where it's mostly about how in love or how terrible they were hurt and not much else.
Personal Poetry is awful. I want to stab someone with a large knife whenever I hear it.
But Universal Poetry might be the greatest achievement of mankind.

Anywhos, if you got any good poems you like, feel free to post them here. It's a poem thread. It's your thread!

Such filth should be disposed of, men will say,
Not to be allowed to fester and decay,
For, once put into words, rank things may bloom
That send whole generations to their doom;
But knowledge never yet gave birth to Vice,
Nor Virtue looked to ignorance for advice.
~ Agrippa d'Aubigne