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Poem I wrote one

No Prize Fighter

I drive a car with a lot of miles
I don't make a lot of money
I live in a place where the sun shines bright
I come from a place that was rarely sunny

Somehow I find peace in my existence
Somehow I'm able to express how I feel
I worry about my health constantly
Wondering how I'm going to pay for our next meal

This is me broken and all
You can choose to hate me or you can choose to love me
I'm always open to change
This is my battle this is what I choose to see

I am no prize fighter
Sometimes I rarely know my own name
So where do I place the blame
When do I feel shame
When this roaring fire became a burnt out flame
I had to rearrange so that I could change

Sometimes I think I'm borderline crazy
In a world where everything seems hazy
Maybe I'm just lazy

So I look a this blank page
And I write down my thoughts
With different chapters with different plots

I know now that I will never be the same