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Podcasts/Talk Radio?

Because sometimes i get tired of listening to music all the time. What are some good ones? Houston's talk radio is all conservative fringe lunatics all the time. Our morning radio shows are annoying and unfunny and out of touch, all of them.

Everyday i listen to Lex and Terry ( and they always make me laugh. They're based in Dallas so i listen on an app. All they really do is take calls and give advice and riff on each other and sometimes they send their interns out to do stuff like interview homeless people or get stores to page fake names or they used to do "ask a hooker" where one of them goes out and gets a hooker and brings her to the studio and callers get to ask her questions. They haven't done that bit in a while though.

I listened to Tom Leykis for a while but i think he's terrible now. All he does is yell and rant and repeat himself and he tries too hard and his advice to guys trying to get laid is dumb and outdated and sometimes he tells guys how to make their girlfriends have miscarriages.

I tried to listen to Nerdist but Chris Hardwick got really annoying after about five minutes of listening.