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Plot Hole?

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Hi, first time here :)

The question I want to ask has already been asked here - But the thread got so long that it became hard to keep track and it wasn't a direct question (just someone asking a question in his reply to the original post) so there wasn't any direct answers.

So, first of all, there are three main/known time lines, right? The first is Charles Casey's time line who presumably lived a normal life and then crashed into Echo's family and traveled back in time. From this point on, he disappears from his time line and creates a new one where he fucks his ancestors and spawns Chester Casey and also changes his name to Green Taylor Simms.

Now we move on to Chester Casey's time line and he grows up and moves to the city and meets Echo and the gang. Simms is also part of the gang and he started Party Crashing. Simms tells Chester to go back in time and kill Irene, his mother. Chester tries to save his mother instead but fails. So he ends up raising Rant.

Now Rant grows up and the same thing happens and Rant time travels. But we don't know what happened to him. He might have traveled into the future instead?

Anyways, when Charles Casey crashes into Echo's family she is 8 and he is 23, right? And he goes back to fuck 13 year old Hett Casey, and then 13 year old Esther Casey and then 13 year old Irene Casey. If he had a normal life in his original time line, then his mother would have given birth to him at a normal age, say in her 20s, right? And it would be the same for his grandma and great grandma. But because he fucks 13 year old versions of his ancestors, wouldn't Chester and Rant Casey be born earlier than Charles Casey in his original time line?

So how the fuck does Chester and Rant meet Echo when she is in her 20s and they are in their 20s too? Shouldn't Chester and Rant be way older than 23 and Echo would still be 8?

Or maybe Hett, Esther and Irene all got married at age 13 in Charles Casey's normal time line? But that means Chester and Rant would still be 23 and Echo 8 if they were to meet.

So, is this a plot hole?

Oh, and why is there a Green Taylor Simms in Rant's time line? I know after Chester went back in time he went back too. But he would be old by then. Did old man Simms go back and fucked 13 year old Hett, Esther and Irene all over again? And every time he did that he got a little younger? That raises the pedophilia meter a lot. Or is it that once a new time line is created it just stays the same, and when Chester went back in time, the time line that was created was a copy of the previous time line? Bla bla bla, does this make sense?

And why is Echo deformed in Chester and Rant's time line? Did Simms purposely hit her family's car again? Then wouldn't he disappear and time travel? Where did he go?

And who is the girl who crawled out of the train wreck? Why was she 100++ years old? Did she travel back in time and killed her family in the train wreck thus making her immortal? Did she just appear? From the past or the future?

Damn, I hope Chuck can really tie up these loose ends in his sequels. But I think we can all agree time travel is fucked up and confusing. Right?

Oh, and I guess the fourth main time line would be ours where does no porting or Party Crashing?