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Please Help Me With My Computer!?!?!

OK. So I went to defragment my hard drive. I get this error message:

Defragmentation of (C:) has been aborted due to inconsistancies that were dectected in the filesystem. Please run CHKDSK or SCAN DISK on (C:) to repair these inconsistancies, then run Disk Defragmenter again.

I have Windows XP. So anyway, I ran CHKDSK and it looked like it did something, deleted some files, but when I ran the defragmenter again I got the same error message.

I tried to run SCAN DISK, but I don't know the correct way to type it in to make it work. I kinda think that CHKDSK was in some kind of safe mode, but I really don't know a lot about this.

If anyone can help me I will be eternally grateful and you will earn my respect and admiration. Please, somebody, anybody, help me!