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Pissin out side


I took a piss behind the apartment.  A brick wall that I spelled my name in urine on.  I was waiting for my girl friend.  The girl I was fucking.  Sarah is her name.  She is a tall blond and sometimes I think she kind of looks like and ostridge or some other large bird.  I act like a cock and think like one too. 


When I am done my piss I walk out on to the street rubbing my balls and I look in the mirror at my guilty smile.  Adjusting my belt.  Its at least 15 below today.  The wind is strong and it’s like the air has turned into ice crystals.  The crystals sting my face as I look down the street towards the university where Sarah is approaching from in a bird like manner.  


I smile and she smiles back.  She wears a small jacket and her arms are in the pockets of it and the make wing like triangles.  This further my belief that she looks bird like.  Maybe her people evolved from dinosaurs.  I saw on TV that dinosaurs evolved from birds.  It was a convincing program.


“Hey Geoff what have you been up to?”  Sarah says in a happy tone that I want to destroy.


“Fuck what do you think?”


“I suppose you were at work?”


“How was school you watch any movies?”




“Porn movies I bet.”




I smile and then point up in the air and she looks up.  I am proud of myself for tricking her.  When her eyes meet me again they are blank and loveless and I know it’s over between us.