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Photographers! Lend me your skills (for a book cover)

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I hope this is the correct forum for this thread. If not, I will gladly move it.

The publisher for my next novel, I Didn't Mean to be Kevin (title c/o Mr. Gordon Highland), has allowed me to create the art for the cover. However, I'm not sure how to go about this one. I have some ideas for sure, but I just don't have the capacity (or talent or funding) to produce a good source image.

So, I am hoping to tap into the talent of The Cult. Any photographers (or visual artists of any kind) interested, read on.

I am looking for an interesting photo that involves a laundromat. I have only a few stipulations/requests:

  • Think in terms of a book cover. So, nothing too busy
  • Incorporate a person if possible. Male. Early twenties (though this is flexible)
  • The novel is about a twenty-something male searching for his mother, so capitalize on whatever sort of emotion comes with that.
  • Bonus points if you can integrate a TV with bad reception somewhere in the image
  • The image should be hi-res. The bigger, the better.

Here are a few images that evoke what I am looking for. These are all copyrighted, so I can't use them.

Neither I, nor the publisher, will be able to pay for the image, but I assure you that you will get credit and a copy of the final book, should your image be used (hell, even if the publisher doesn't go with the image I ultimately select, I'll still make sure the photographer gets a copy of the book).

Also, lots of beer on me, if we ever meet.