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Phoenix - oh snickerdoodle, Chuck is writing about me.....

Unfortunately, Chuck will never get to hear this... but he just wrote about me. My name, now, is Reggie Phoenix. My soon-to-be-ex-wife Jennifer and I both changed our last name to Phoenix many years ago. She and I ARE that couple in the story. We don't have a blind daughter, our house didn't burn down. But those "characters" are us. To a T. We're about to get divorced now, and even reading that story...called Phoenix... I get fucking chills thinking about it. I still can't tell if I'm the fucked up one, or she is, or what to do about the fact that basically we're both stupid. Chuck... I want you to KNOW how heavily this piece hit me. I am a huge fan. Have been for years. I actually got to ask a question of you when you were in Minneapolis last year. I am almost in tears typing this.

Thank you Chuck Palahniuk. Thank you.