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Been living here for about three years now. Anyone else out there living in Philly now?

Wasn't sure where to post this... but I figured this would be the best place. I'm working on a longer peice, a novel of sorts, that takes place in Philadelphia and was wondering if anyone had any interesting anedotes about the Philadelphia Water system, like the pipes and the way they work, the drainage system, water sheds, sewage, etc (the characters travel underground).

Or, if you have interesting stories in general about Philadelphia. The novel is very dark and I'm just interested in some of the horror stories any of you have survived.

I myself was jumped and beaten while biking home one night in South Philly. They didn't take anything, just beat me up a little and then let me go. I had a hundred dollars on me and my laptop (which had all of my stories on it) and I had just gotten the bike. They asked me if they could have it while one of them punched me in the face and I said "No" while spitting blood. It was surreal because I knew I couldn't fight back (I would've gotten killed). It was like a casual conversational kind of beating that I was getting.

Days later I got doored while biking down a different route (presumably safer) and ended up fracturing my pelvis and had to use crutches for three months.

Feel free to also post something nice about Philadelphia, or something just strange and weird, since it's gotten a pretty bad rap lately as the country's bloodiest city. Allegedly Poe wrote a lot of stuff while here, and David Lynch spent a lot of his younger years in the city.