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Peterson Offers $25K For Info On His Missing Wife

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Drew, check the last place you left her body! 25,000 smackers, please.


Drew Peterson Offers $25K Reward For Info On Stacy

BOLINGBROOK, Ill. (STNG) ― Insisting that his wife left him for another man, former Bolingbrook police sergeant Drew Peterson on Wednesday offered a $25,000 reward for information leading to her safe return.

Stacy Peterson vanished from her home six months ago, and while police have labeled Drew Peterson a suspect in her disappearance, Peterson says the night she left, she told him on the phone she was leaving, according to a release from his attorney Joel Brodsky. He continues to deny any involvement.

Drew Peterson said he had hoped that by this time, his wife would have contacted him or their four children, but she hasn't, according to the release.

Now he hopes this reward will bring her home. "Her mom left her and it's clear that history has repeated itself and that Stacy does not want to be found either," Peterson said in the release. "I don't know whom she left with or where they are. Maybe the money will prompt someone to come forward with a lead. Her children miss her and people believe I had something to do with her disappearance."

Peterson acknowledges that as long as his wife is missing, people will think he had something to do with it, according to the release.

But he pointed out that police have offered no evidence supporting that theory, though police, family and friends have searched area lakes and brush searching for her.

Peterson has even been the target of death threats, Brodsky said in the release. "All e-mails that contain harassing, obscene or threatening messages are warned that such communications are illegal, and all such e-mails will be forwarded to law enforcement for prosecution."

Peterson said he understands the criticism he's received for not taking part in the searches, saying, "I haven't because I believe she's alive. She told me she was leaving. She obviously doesn't want to be found."

The $25,000 reward is for information leading to the safe return of Stacy Peterson, Brodsky said in the release. The reward money will be paid in addition to any other reward being offered.

Information and tips should be sent to (replace the AT with an @ sign). Brodsky says tips will be opened and read by a team of investigators hired by Drew Peterson, not by Drew Peterson or his attorneys, and all legitimate leads will be forwarded to police.