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Patrick Swayze Appreciation Thread

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Yes, you all know this was a long time coming. I even had a small section dedicated to this goofy bastard back on one of the older versions of our site. (it was actually a sub-sub-section of a movie review section I ran).

So I'll start things off.

This is my first "actor appreciation" thread so it might be a little rough. However, when your dealing with an actor like Patrick Swayze, you sort of let his essence take over your fingers at the keyboard. Patrick is one of those common cinematic gifts in that he was once on top of the world and no longer is. However, with Patrick, the story goes a little different. You see, people can't scoff at him since deep down, we all love his films. I mean, we're talking about the guy who gave us greats like "Point Break", "Roadhouse", and of course, "Dirty Dancing." Once you've made films like that, you can take an early retirement because life doesn't get any better, baby!


Now mind you, this is not a sarcastic thread. I am not poking fun at the man. I hope people don't read into this and really think that this whole thing is a spoof because it's not. Hopefully Patrick will one day browse into this sick incarnation of a forum and be mildly flattered. Who knows. The point is, I hope to convey to my audience in front of their PCs just how good the man really is. Not as a sex symbol or any type of romantic figure-head. Hell, Patrick isn't if that great of a role-model. But I do know that the man puts out great films and most of all...he knows exactly what the audience wants from him. So with out further delay, dive into the festivities below.


[b]Top Ten Greatest Swayze Moments[/b]

10) "Young Blood" - In a rare stroke of genius, Swayze and Reeves were together on screen. Young, dumb and both with a great future ahead of them. Truly a beautiful moment since you know that "Point Break" was in their futures.

9) "Red Dawn" - In the heat of Communist invasion on a once quiet school yard, panic over- takes our young heroines. All seems lost....that is until a blazing pick-up truck from Hell comes zooming into the parking lot with Jed (Swayze, of course) behind the wheel coming to the rescue.

8) "Dirty Dancing" - During the climactic dance frenzy, Swayze is over-taken by a sudden jolt of passion upon seeing Jennifer Grey at the other end of the auditorium. His reaction is a beautiful thing: Swayze leaps off the stage, hands held high and legs kicking back behind him. He vanishes but then POPS back up into the frame and begins doing his "tantalizing Thriller dance" towards the camera. The other dancers follow his lead in perfect formation.

7) "The Outsiders" - Moments before the infamous rumble in the park, the camera does one long pan across all of the greasers' faces. They are all an even distance from the camera, so as not to discriminate. But when Swayze's involved, one must discriminate. Therefore, when the camera reaches him, he is only inches from its lens. He shows not an ounce of fear or hesitation (you'll notice that Tom Cruise does) and to heighten the badass look on his jutting face, thunder roars just when he appears. Talk about nature's timing....


6) "City of Joy" - Not being able to control his love for Swayze, a young Indian boy dubs him with the mysterious yet respectful title, "Max-da da."

5) "Next of Kin" - Swayze displays more of his artistic talent with a violin rendition of some song he learned as a kid growing up on the farm. The ease and fluid motion in which Swayze strums the instrument is quite breath-taking.

4) "Steal Dawn" - Swayze gets his stab at being Mad Max for the day. Hey, can you blame him. (God, this film sucks)

3) "Ghost" - Having finally been able to master his "purgatory abilities", Swayze decides to get revenge on Carl for destroying his life and mistreating Molly. Therefore, he FUCKS with Carl's head big time!!! There isn't one moment of this chain of scenes to pin-point, but to see how effective Swayze really is at being coy and cute, just look at Carl's face when he's strangling Whoopie Goldberg,

2) "Point Break" - As Swayze is chased by Keanu in what could be the greatest on-foot chase sequence ever, things start to look dismal. Swayze makes a wrong, split-minute decision to cut through a women's house (while she's home vacuuming!!!) and finds that he may of run himself into a corner. And with Johnny Utah on your trail, there's only one thing to do...and Swayze knows what it is. And so he hurls a barking Bulldog at Utah's face!!!

1) "Roadhouse" - The entire film...


[i]"Bustin' Heads and Breakin' Hearts."[/i]

[b]Patrick Swayze Quotes[/b]

[i]"You lose..." (Red Dawn)

"Hold on little brother" (Red Dawn)

"Nobody puts baby in the corner" (Dirty Dancing)

"Ditto" (Ghost)

"100% pure adrenaline" (Point Break)

(Road House):

- Bad Guy: Prepare to die!!!
- Swayze: You are such an asshole.[/i]


I await your replies...