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Page Count

According to Amazon and almost every other book selling website the page count on this book is 256 pages... Which i will deduce, just from this, that this book is going to be fulfilling...

This is all an assumption based on the fact that snuff felt really, really short -- whereas alot of people felt that they were ripped off... Mind you that Snuff was 197 pages...

I havent read the book, but judging from some reviews I've been reading, everyone is complaining about the broken english of the narrative that is throwing them off. Some have stated that it would have been better off being a short story written in this broken english-style.

Maybe, i dont know.

All i'm saying is that normally, for me atleast and others, the page count of a book might give the book some promise based on his other novels.

Think about 256 is 59 more pages than 197. On average, assuming six pages per chapter, that is about 10 chapters extra --

What if snuff had ten more chapters?

This sounds rediculous - but eh I thought it was something to point out.

For all i know he could just be beating the same horse for the last ten chapters and the novel will suck...

Either way -- what do you guys think of this theory?

The more pages - thicker the book, in Chuck standards - the better the novel?....