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OW Press collectible slipcase #3 with 5 signed books!

You book collectors may be interested in this.

Myself and another OW Press author, Tim Hall, hand made 5 slipcases, stuffed them with signed copies of the first four OW press books (and another bonus signed, non-OW Press book) and are now selling them, one at a time, on eBay in hopes of generating some funds to keep the press a-pressin'.

The bidding is staring at $27, which is the list price for the four books combined ($27 is actually less than the cover price of all five included books, which would be $38).

Click here to take a look at the eBay auction. If you know anyone who may be interested, please pass along the link. My hope is to at least have each of these slipcases sell for the base $27 cost. If that happened, we would be happy as drunk clams.
This one is sold - see below for the next case for auction