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Outline seeking worthiness of Expansion

College was useless. I've been enrolled in four of them, from first tier to community. True education does not occur in an encompassed setting at designated intervals adhering to strict schedules. Monotony sets in the first week and most people embrace the comfort and security of it all. Each class is given a time slot and a syllabus of material it will drone through over the period of a few months so that in a week or so everything involved in that first semester has set expectations that are designed to meet those expectations and nothing more. The most visceral experience a college may induce is having one's head lying a toilet seat as vomit and spit drip from their mouth, serving as a lesson in alcohol and our relationship to it. It is used to release our inhibitions, expand our social horizons, to get over the lies we live and the tears we cry and bury them in drunkenness. Its rampant use in college can be attributed to having to bid our youth farewell and numb the pain caused by the growth of our awareness to the consistencies of life. Childhood dreams get buried in the past as lies our parents told us come into fruition. Students are groomed to be complacent with simplicity. They become ships in bottles with nowhere to sail. Once graduated they embark into society blending in with the status quo of the middle class with little experience and knowledge to show for it besides mundane bureaucratic trivialities.