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The Orphanage

I just saw this film yesterday afternoon (1.11) and all I can say is that it was phenomenal.  Incredibly well-done film.  I finished one of my finals yesterday and so I treated myself to two movies, this and "There Will Be Blood," and I almost think I liked this more (though Daniel Day Lewish is a rock-star, like always).

I am a huge fan of horro movies, I know when to expect all the soundtrack spikes and the random people popping out at you and I very rarely have "jump" moments in films.  I had at least three in this film.  At one point I literally almost fell out of my seat.  The movie was a very strong super-natual suspense movie, and very intense, but it wasnt really a scary movie, per se.  And a number of these jump moments were very unexpected and very well placed.  They were also used sparingly, in addition to other dramatic devices as opposed to in place of other dramatic devices.

The movie was really carried by the female lead, and although the actor who played her husband wasnt quite as good as she, he still did a great job, as did their 7-year old son, Simon. 

Has anyone else seen it yet?  Wondering what anyone else though... I am not sure how much more I can say without giving stuff away, as I have an unfortunate tendency to do when not censoring myself...