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Omegle...Talk Dirty to Strangers. It is intresting.


I am not sure if you know about this, heck I have only been here a few hours. So anyways you talk to some random (and usually horny) stranger. It is part support group, part Chinese disinformation campaign, and part airport bathroom. So tap your foot slowly and make each conversation into a piece of art.


Stranger: hi
Stranger: from ?
You: hello, I am from Switzerland
Stranger: cool !
Stranger: iran
You: sweet....
You: hows it going over there?
Stranger: good !
You: have you achieved democracy yet?
Stranger: we are trying
You: hmm, let me think, it can't be too hard...
You: how about next election you vote for the canidate you don't want
Stranger: no i don't think iranian vote again !
You: Maybe they rig the tabulating machines to count votes for canidate a really as a vote for canidate b. Just a thought.
You: Thats how George Bush won his elections.

I come up with some much great stuff like describing ass to mouth as tossing ones salad and then eating it too. Also if the Iranian revolution ends tomorrow it wasn't me fault.

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