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Olly Steeds - aventurer and journalist or conservative propaganda?

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This guy does a San Pedro ceremony with a 20 year old "shaman" with prebottled tea and concludes that the Nazca Lines were made for people to walk on during religious ceremonies?


And in the first episode we never get to see the Ark of the Covenant but we are led to believe beyond the shadow of a doubt that it does exist which by extension, proves that God handed actual stone tablets bearing the ten commandments to Moses?

Sorry buddy, but you're gonna have to do a little better than that.

You prove that Christianity is real with the finding of the "real Ark of the Covenant" (which no one ever sees, and you disprove everything I believe in after years of commitment, research, experimentation and obsession by voncluding that the Nazca lines were made BY PEOPLE WALKING ON THEM?

I don't consider myself a conspiracy theorist but goddamn, sometimes people are so blind, it seems as if they, whomever "they" may be, aren't even really trying anymore.

Are people that ignorant? I have the utmost faith that this question will itself be answered in the following posts.

Let the games begin.