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Old Chuck VS. New Chuck

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I just finished Lullaby a couple of days ago and I must say it was freaking brilliant! This morning I visited Barnes & Nobles and starting reading Pygmy. I read the first 30 pages and put it down because the sentence structure was wayyy too erratic to understand. Then I started reading Diary, and I hated it.

So I started wondering why Chuck's writing style changed so dramatically from his first few books Fight Club/Invisible Monsters/Lullaby/Choke/Survivor. This quote from Chuck basically sums it up.

"People seem very happy with Choke. Some people say it's my funniest book so far. But I got one guy at the Barnes and Noble Union Square event who stood up and basically read my beads, just said, When the fuck are you going to stop doing this 'identity crisis' thing, talking about identity as a central theme and move on...blah blah blah. It's been four books. You're still dealing with identity. We need you to give it up and really show us something new with your talent. And then he goes, Well, I think you're a great writer. I really love your work. And I'm kind of like, Okay, cut my balls off and then compliment me?

"I told him that I really wanted to completely explore the theme of identity. You know, not just dash it off and get rid of it, but explore it from every angle before I left it behind. But I think in a way he's right. And that's why my next book, Lullaby, is such a complete departure from identityitis. Identity plays no part at all in Lullaby. It's got entirely different themes.

"But a half dozen guys came up to me in line that night and very seriously said, You want me to take that guy out? I think he's still downstairs. You want me to take care of him for you? And they were totally serious. So I went, Yeah, would you?"

I bought a ticket for the NYC Chuck Palahniuk book tour event but I'm not sure if Tell-All is going to be any good. I appreciate Chuck Palahniuk trying to change his writing style, but his first few books resonate more with me. Most music artists do this, their first album is amazing and as they start getting older, their albums get progressively worse.

Do you guys like the old Chuck or the New Chuck P books?