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Official Online Shipping Update Thread!

Yes, well. So rather than create a new Rant thread EVERY SINGLE DAY BEFORE THE BOOK COMES OUT, I thought that it might be better to have one thread that could be a kind of warehouse for updated shipping and recipient information.

Like, you can post here when Amazon or whomever tells you that your order has shipped, when you're scheduled to get it, etc.

As of today, Thursday, April 26th, 2007 (or it will be in 10 minutes), my copy of Rant, ordered from Amazon (through this very website) has not yet shipped.

My broke ass chose "standard shipping" (it killed me to do this), so Amazon says the book will not be here until May 3 - 5.

Those will no doubt be among the longest days of my life.


Post yr shipping news info here :D.