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odd reading habits

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I used to look at the last page of the book, if I remember correctly. Not that it every told me much, but I sometimes did it anyway.

Nowadays I've noticed that when I get to the last couple of pages of a book I tend to try to read it faster than I normally would and I sort of end up skimming through those pages. And it's usually the part where the author winds down the book and my brain just sort of goes "oh no, not [I]this[/I]" and tries to get through it as quickly as possible. I have no idea why I do it. Maybe it's an impatience thing, because I don't think I'd do it in the middle of a book because I wouldn't want to miss anything. And I guess it means that I don't really take in those last couple of pages.

Does anyone else do weird things like that when they read?