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October: What are you Reading?


Well, in thoughts of not having threads that go on forever, maybe we start a monthly ‚whatcha reading?’ thread?
So, September is dead…Pumpkin month is among us (sigh)…

Last weekend I bopped up to London and missed, by a day, Douglas Coupland at Waterstone’s (not sure if it was a reading or if he just stopped by, I only know I missed it by a day as he added the date and “London” to his autograph), but there were a few auto’d copies of _Eleanor Rigby_, so bought that.
I’d only ever read _All Families Are Psychotic_ which was pretty good, but didn’t make me necessarily search down other titles. Now about ¾ done with ER I certainly will. The best novel (so far) that I’ve read in quite some time. (so far) Recommended.