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Ocarina of Time rated Best Game Ever


I have to agree. I remember I was eleven or twelve when it came out and I was going through puberty and crying about everything, so I might have been crying about something else on the inside but I remember sniveling and whining and tears on the run and thinking, Damnit, why can't I have this game!? And then I got it and I was so happy, but I never did finish it anyway. I preferred to just roam around Hyrule on my horse and play my ocarina and venture, you know. My favorite place to go was that little underground stone basement thing in the desert. There was nothing down there but some pots to smash and a torch to light, if I remember correctly, but it was an awesome place nonetheless. You ever miss a place that exists in a video game? If you have, there has to be something in Zelda you miss.

The only thing I didn't like was that annoying fucking fairy that follows you around going HEY, HEY, HEY!

Favorite weapon: Slingshot
Favorite castle: Fire castle
Favorite Ocarina song: Song of Storms