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So I am COMPLETELY obsessed with Chuck. About a year ago I saw [I]Fight Club [/I]for the first time and I must say that I was floored. The I was told that it was also a book. So I immediately went out a bought it. I read in a day. I thought the movie was amazing but the book was bloody brilliant. I thought that this Chuck Palahnuik guy must really know what he was doing so I went out and bought another one of his books [I]Diary[/I]. From there I read [I]Lullaby[/I], [I]Survior[/I], and [I] Haunted[/I]. As soon as I get some money I am going to go and buy the rest of his books. Chuck Palahnuik is a god.

I am 15 and a Junior in high school. I have haunted these boards and this website for a while and I decided it was about time I joined. I really enjoy art, all kinds but more specifically Painting. I am also an avid reader and a music lover allthough i am incapable of playing a note.