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Obama makes it official - your next prez?


whether you are left, right, middle, independent, or indifferent i strongly urge you to keep an eye on this man, and support his bid for the presidency - i've read one of his books, heard/seen him speak several times, and done SOME research into him (first black president of the harvard law review), met him as well, and he has my vote in 2008. i will also campaign for him - he is smart, aware, and could really change the way things are sucking in this country right now

i am by no means an expert on barack or politics, but i hope that you all will consider him when you vote - over hillary. clinton for the democrats and over guliani or mccain for the republicans

no matter your age or race or history with voting, this is the year to make it matter - you saw how close it was last year, and i still believe bush stole BOTH elections, from gore and kerry