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Nov. '04 Discussion: Good Omens by Pratchett and Gaiman

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Ok, this is my first time doing this so Im just going to ramble and dont mind my lack of conjugation. Im still typing on French keyboards and the placement of keys on this thing is a mystery to me.

For some reason, Im drawn to books using religion as fiction (lets aviod the obvious religion is fiction debates, because theyve been played out already). Along with Good Omens, Ive also read (and enjoyed!) Lamb by Christopher Moore and Job by Robert Heinlein. Personally, I enjoy books that add their own twist into anything, and religion is a fun thing to play with as a genre (is that the right word? if it isnt try and guess what I mean).

°What did you think of Good Omens as a book first off?

°How does this book compare to other religious satire youve read? Tell me about other examples if you can. (Another great example is Letters From the Earth by Mark Twain).

°Religion is one of the easiest examples of the ´good vs evil´ debate. The final battle and the question of free will are usually covered in these books. What do you think of these themes in contrast to other literature youve read?

Be easy on me fellas, this is the first real thread Ive done in awhile....